Why iOS And Not Android?

Android Orphans

A friend posted this article on my Facebook wall.


This article talks about how the various generations of Android phones are left behind while newer phones get the latest Android.

I don’t to leave this open-ended and have people think that I’m an Apple fanboy. I’m a Linux admin and I have been using Linux on my office laptop for a very long time. So why iPhone and not Android phones?

Upgrade Woes

I have never owned an Android phone. The number 1 reason is that I dislike the customizations that the individual phone makers do to the OS. The implication is that certain models will be left behind in the upgrade process. We have been this in the Windows PDA phones in the past. Because of the difference in hardware, there’s tremendous effort for the phone makers to ensure that every single model runs the most current OS. So the easy way out is to leave them behind. I forecasted this since the very first version of Android and I have been proven right all these while.

Android vs iOS

So came the Nexus One. Google supported, plain vanilla Android. I was actually contemplating getting that but I chose the iPhone 3GS. Why? My choice was very much affected by my experience on the Mac.

While I still use Linux on my office laptop, I find myself doing most of my work on my Mac. I bought my first Macbook in 2007 and after using OS X, the impression was: It just works! No tinkering. No fiddling. I don’t getting into the situation where I need to solve the machine problem even before I get down to doing work. It’s a lot of time wasted.

Similarly on the iOS, a lot of things just work out of the box. One example was configuring of L2TP over IPSEC VPN on the iPhone. It takes less than 2 mins to get the iPhone setup and connected. 3 steps to get to the configuration screen, enter configuration details and we are done. My colleague tried it on their Android phone. The first phone took us close to 10 mins to figure out how to configure the connection. He later gave up his Samsung Galaxy for a new iPhone  4.

Now Google has announced that the Nexus One is not getting the latest OS. To fair, I haven’t read the details and I’m not sure what’s the rationale. But if you look at the chart, even the iPhone 3GS gets iOS 5. While some features are not available, the major key enhancement are made available to the 3GS user. They are not left behind.

I was thinking of getting the Nexus Galaxy actually after looking at the features of Android 4, but it looks like my next phone will still be a Apple phone after all.

Update – Cost of Nexus One For Singapore Buyers

This the cost of the phone plus shipping for Singapore buyers. You still have to add 7% more for GST when it arrives at the custom.

So now the cost is USD $806.10 excluding GST. Add the 7% GST, the total cost will be SGD $862.50 or SGD $862.60 depending on whether it’s rounded up or down.

I had a hard time resisting the urge to click on “Place Order” button.

And in case you are wondering about support, HTC has a local number for you to call. And I believe there’s a local service center too.


Nexus One – Some Figures For Singapore

Google Nexus One

The Google Nexus One is finally out, after half a month of rave rumours (which are surprisingly accurate). Here’s some figures for potential buyers in Singapore.

Cost of the phone $529

Cost of shipping: Approximately $26.65 by DHL

Import taxes and duty at Custom: 7% GST on Cost of phone + Shipping inclusive

The whole cost would come up to close to $600 USD, which is about $840 SGD.

All my figures are rounded up and based on my estimation of shipping charges. The cost might be higher depending on the type of shipping option that Google uses.

This looks like a phone that every geek should have, but I’m waiting. Who knows one of our local telcos might have a surprise for us in the next few days to offer this with contract.

Here’s some links for reference:

Official Nexus One Order Page – http://www.google.com/phone

Shipping Charges for Nexus One – http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google+Mobile/thread?tid=1ebc1fc326c1e75e&hl=en