My first cycling trail.

Finally, I brought my new bike out after keeping it in the room for about a month. So this is the virgin ride, other than the ride home on the day I bought it. I was supposed to meet up with some friends nearby, so I thought I cycled instead of driving, it’s going to be good exercise.

This was the path I cycled.

Cycling Trail – 19/03/2009 [mapearth=show;width=540]

I’m tracking my paths with Google Map so that I know how much I have cycled. Next time round, I will be using the Nokia Sports Tracker to record the path. Was supposed to use that, but there’s serious issues with the battery life if I use the internal GPS. I will write about it another day, so I won’t go into details here.

First Cycling Trip – Update

It was raining cats and dogs over the weekend, so my interest for cycling was really drowned. I will attempt again this weekend though. And while searching for the route to cycle to Pasir Ris Park, I discovered that there’s a mangrove board walk at Pasir Ris! I always thought the board walks were only built at Changi and Labrador. I love nature, the beach, the trees, the habitats at the mangrove. I’m definitely going to the board walk this weekend. Will snap some pics and post here!

Where’s the board walk?

[googlemap lat=”1.381482716329854″ lng=”103.94838809967041″ width=”300px” height=”150px” zoom=”15″ type=”G_NORMAL_MAP”]Singapore[/googlemap]

First Cycling Trip – Prelude

It’s about a month since I got my bike, and I have not brought it out since. :) So I’m planning the maiden trip this weekend. First few ideas would be to explore the Park Connector Network. Maybe to Pasir Ris first, to warm things up abit. I have not cycled for a long time, let alone trying to cross the roads with it.
Wish me good luck..ahah..

Oh, I will attempt geotagging too..:)

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