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This is not the first time I’m writing to recommend Giga. Fast forward. They have a great referral plan. So if you want to sign up, please use my referral code : LbYOGi . If you are wondering why this my most recommended mobile plan for Singapore, please read on.

I started with Giga not with my own line. It was actually to try out the sub $10 mobile plans when all the Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) started popping up. The first experience was very disappointing. I decided to switch and then Giga popped up. The cheapest plan was $10 for 5GB data. And they allow rollover for unused data. I have written about the experience here so I shall not repeat it again. This line eventually was taken over by my daughter. My personal opinion is that this is the most value for money for students.

Let’s get down to the network quality. I have been in the telco industry for almost 15 years and so I know about all the tricks the telcos play to get the most revenue out of their bandwidth. Frankly, I didn’t have very high expectation when I took up the line. I was expecting Starhub to throttle the bandwidth since they are charging at such a competitive rate. To sum it up, I was very pleased with the generous data plan and bandwidth. So much that I switched my own mobile line over to the $20 SGD plan, which gives me 300 mins of talktime, 300 SMS and most importantly 40GB of data, with rollover.

My Giga realtime usage
My Giga realtime usage

My monthly usage is about 10 – 12GB per month when I was on a Singtel plan, so this $20 for 40GB plan is perfect for me. Actually when I subscribed, it was 30GB. Giga upped another 10GB after a while.

Testing with Speed Test app

The Speed Test app is the tool that I always use for testing my bandwidth. But today, I discovered that it can do a video test, so I tested it out. The result is that I have enough bandwidth and network quality to stream 4K video on my mobile. The normal speed test gives me 80Mbps download.

I tested my connection with another app from Open Signal. The result is consistent. I am still getting 80Mbps. The result differs from a report that the average speed in Singapore is about 50Mbps. The resport is here.

So are there any caveats for the Giga plan? Well, there’s no call waiting. This was raised by a friend. I don’t see the need for it actually. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else. The important things for me are data, speed and caller-id. Yes, $20 bucks includes caller-id. Unlike another stingy and petty MNVO who wants to charge $5 for it. I would have gone for the other one if not for the $5 extra. ie $25 vs $20.

So, my referral code again is LbYOGi. You get 10GB more for the 1st month using this code. Giga’s not paying me anything for this so I’m not going to over promote. 😅 But I’m truly think that Giga is offering good value now.

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