Broadlink RM4 Pro – New Toy For Home Automation

Broadlink in 2015

My blog has been running for years and up till today, the most popular blog post is the one on Firmware Update For Your BroadLink RM Pro. That topic was in 2015 and I actually stopped using the Broadlink RM Pro since 2018. The first (few?) generation of the Broadlink device was actually very buggy. While it’s fascinating for geeks, it’s hardly usable for the common folks. Home automation was geeks those days but they have since changed.

Broadlink in 2020

Come 2020, I decided to give it a try again since I have so many of these RF or IR enabled devices at home now. After some researching, I got the RM4 Pro, which supports both RF at 433Mhz and IR plus another smaller device called the RM4C.

The old Broadlink was using some clunky mobile app. That has improved to the new Broadlink app. But that said, there’s still much confusion in the Apple App Store. And still, they do not have clear instructions on their Broadlink site, both English and Chinese.

Broadlink RM4 Pro in Action!

Once you are inside the app, things get more straightforward. Either you use a remote in their library or you train your remote against the RM4 Pro. I’m using Daikin air conditioner at home, so it’s very straightforward. The remote was loaded from library with much hassle. My LG TV was out of the box too for setup.

RF training is what I’m more interested in. My ceiling fan is from a local Singapore vendor called Yafen, so I’m sure the brand is not in the Broadlink library. This means I definitely have to train the remote. And further more this remote is RF instead of IR. I’m pleased to say that the result is remarkable. The training of each button is about 3 mins. In less than 20 mins I got the important buttons trained on the Broadlink RM4 Pro.

Bunch of devices I enabled on the Broadlink app

Broadlink with Home Assistants

Then of course, the next geeky thing is to enable Siri to manage the devices. The short cuts are fixed by category, for eg, for my fan it only allows 4 controls. Then basically you just need to type in what you want Siri to pick up. After you are done with configuring Siri, the rest depends on how much Siri understand you. 😂😅

I haven’t got to testing with other assistants like Alexa or Google Home, because I haven’t decided who I want. It’s likely Alexa, so waiting for the next sale.

So overall, the experience with Broadlink is better now. They can still improve though. There are still rough edges in their app. Now the next appliance to crack is my blinds with Dooya motor. No luck with it so far. If someone from Broadlink is reading this, maybe you can check in with me to help me out? 🤝🤝

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