What Intermitten Fasting Did To Me

My intermitten fasting tips
My intermitten fasting tips

So why I did I do go into intermitten fasting? I’m actually not a believer of controlling diet. Not because they are not effective but dieting routines often require significant changes to lifestyle and habits. Which is why a lot of people fail to persist after a while. How long have I been doing intermitten fasting? It’s about 2 months already.

Intermitten fasting is actually a simple routine to follow. All I needed to do was to skip breakfast and have my first meal after 12pm and last meal before 8pm. I modified the routine a little, I didn’t pick the food that I eat in the 8 hours. And I don’t fast from Friday 12pm to Sunday 8pm. Those 48 hours is with family, so fasting is actualy not too family friendly. 😅😅. My routine is a 16/8 cycle, where I eat within the 8 hours and fast for the rest of the 16. If you chose the hours properly, it would fit right into your daily routine. If you think about it, a big part of the 16 hours is sleep. And this works really well when you are working in office with no temptations of food.

Do I feel hungry without breakfast? Actually I don’t. And I actually run in the morning during this intermitten fasting period. During the whole 2 months of intermitten fasting, all I have in the morning is a lot of water + black coffee without sugar. And many days I would last until 5pm and later. Which means I only take 1 meal at about 530pm. Energy level is kept balanced throughout the day because the blood sugar level doesn’t fluctuate. On the days that I feel hungry, it would be at around 1 to 2pm.

And how about now with the COVID-19 situation and the circuitbreaker measures in Singapore. Again with adjustment of time, it’s still incredibly easy to follow. I wake up at 7am and do my workout, wash up, make my coffee and stuff, it’s already 9am. And with the focus on work and conference calls I pack in the morning, 12pm come really quickly.

So what has intermitten fasting done for me. Within 2 weeks I found that my blood pressure has improved significantly. I’m in the hypertensive range without medication. By the 3rd week, my reading was 100+ systolic with the medication and 120+ without. So I’m waiting to surprise my doctor next week when I do my quarterly follow up. Another benefit is that I feel lighter because I don’t tax my body that much with food digestion. The body has 16 hours to process what was taken the previous day without having to cope with more intake. Now I understand why Buddhist monks don’t eat after noon. The break between noon to the next day lets the body work at a regulated pace.

Now the golden question. Did I lose weight significantly. Well, yes. I lost about 4kg during these 2 months but I won’t attribute it to intermitten fasting solely because I’m working out regularly.

Do note that research have not shown real medical evidence of intermitten fasting having such effects though. What I’m putting up here is just my personal experience so far. If you are trying out intermitten fasting, do it with discretion.

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