Possibly The Best Student Mobile Plan In Singapore

Best student mobile plan in Singapore
Best student mobile plan in Singapore

This advertisement from Giga caught my attention few weeks back. I have taken up Zero1 mobile to test out their $9.90 unlimited plan and eventually giving that SIM card to my daughter. At $9.90 with 1GB bundled and unlimited throttled data there after, I thought it was the best student mobile plan – until the WhatsApp messages were not delivering. So obviously, I checked out Giga when I saw the advertisement. For 10 bucks, I get 5GB. $10 is just about right amount of spending for a student. So I declare this the best student mobile plan again!

Like all other MVNOs, Giga uses a self service approach for sign ups. In order for MVNOs to make money, they must really keep their operational (read headcount) cost really low. So I downloaded the mobile app and then chose to port the number from Zero1. Whole process was smooth until I had problems with my Citibank checkout. Somehow the app didn’t load the 3D auth page properly. Switched to a DBS card got the whole transaction complete. By today’s standard, the efficiency for signing becomes de-facto, so while it’s a job well done, it’s really just at the expectation mark. But a remarkable thing was the SIM card delivery. I signed up on Friday morning, I was given the delivery slot for Saturday afternoon. 24 hours.

On receiving the SIM card, we received this message. Yeah. They have to look young and funky although it’s actually Starhub.

Porting was approximately another 24 hours after SIM card delivery. We got another message through the iOS notification if I’m not wrong. And that’s it! Approximately 48 hours after completing the online order, we are on Giga. And 48 hours is all it takes for a Zero1 to lose their customer. There isn’t any second thoughts at all because there’s no SIM card fee and activation fee on Giga. There’s no contract with Zero1, so there’s no termination charges. I must say that this is real consumer freedom.

I can count 7 MVNOs as of now. While we think that this is cut-throat business, there are still new entrants to the market, the latest being Vivilink. And I think there are no contract for most if not all of them.

Quality wise, it’s Starhub, so Giga has no problem with coverage and speed. I do see the network falling down to 3G quite frequently, I think this is Starhub’s way of reusing under utilised resources from the 3G base stations. This is my assumption though.

So, until the next better deal comes, this will be the best student mobile plan in Singapore!

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