Happiness Is Always Around

Happiness goals

Friend was sharing this on social media. Comments followed – Need to strike lottery, need to be rich to do this, can’t do this in this life time etc etc.

I thought for a while. Actually I’m doing all those things above everyday. I take photos of my meals and nice scenery when I come across one.

I get a cup of perk me up coffee every morning.

I watch videos on social media and read about other countries and the people there every now and then. I travelled half the globe this way.

I meet new people everyday in the course of my work. Actually we meet new people everyday, anywhere. It’s just a matter of whether we want to engage them.

And being happy. Well. It’s really just a mindset unless there’s exceptional hardship. There are the real destitute, people fighting cancer etc. We are supposed to be be spreading our positive vibes to them. For me, I’m sleeping well, eating well and having a roof over my head. What’s there to be unhappy about?

The point is happiness is just a frame of mind. Appreciate what you have in life and make the most out of it. That’s more important.

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