New Discovery – Embedded SIM in iPad Pro 10.5”

First question that came to my mind is – Does it mean I do not need a SIM card when the local telcos in Singapore supports soft SIM?

I was in App Store on my new iPad Pro few days back and this screen popped up.

At this point I do not have any SIM card in my iPad Pro yet. I’m waiting for Singtel to respond to the unlimited data offers from the other telcos. So this was an interesting discovery. A search shows that all the iPad Pro models have this embedded Apple SIM. I’m not too sure if this is the soft SIM standard though.

This embedded SIM made its appearance again during the Apple announcement. Now they have it in the Apple Watch Series 3. I hope the soft SIM standard will pick up after this and we get more devices with soft SIM built in. I see potentials for new MVNOs operating on a soft SIM model to creatively package their offers based on what they can get from the incumbent telcos and the result of course is the consumers winning. 🙂

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