KnowRoaming Update – Test in Bangkok

Thailand is the third country I’m testing KnowRoaming in. Frankly I wasn’t expecting any surprise since I understand how they work now. I did a quick test in Siam Paragon, a huge mall in Bangkok, so I don’t think there’s any reason for the coverage and connectivity to be bad.

KnowRoaming - Bangkok Test
KnowRoaming – Bangkok Test

This is the test with KnowRoaming. The speed might look good but the latency is still bad.

SingTel Roaming - Bangkok Test
SingTel Roaming – Bangkok Test

The test with SingTel data roaming is significantly better. The latency is only 83ms. On mobile, I would say this is pretty remarkable.

Now KnowRoaming might be better in some country. I don’t know. But my experience in Japan was totally wrecked. I had problems getting my Uber, had problems loading Google map. For someone travelling, I think these are the bare essentials. I don’t know how it’s like for other SIM card sticker vendors. But if they are using the same strategy of using services with lower QOS, then I think I will stick to my MIFI or data roaming from my telco.

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