UberPool vs GrabShare

I’m posting this while I’m on my GrabShare ride. I rather tired now. The route is sub-optimal and the jam made things worse. 

My usual route is from home to workplace and vice versa. I’m a consistent user of UberPool . I’m pretty impressed by the assignment of the fellow pool passenger. The diversion is usually about 5 – 8 mins off the route compared to UberX. It’s to an extend that I don’t find it too much of a difference from UberX. 

So now GrabShare comes to the picture. I think they have launched for about 4 weeks or so. I tried it a few times to see how the route planning is like. It’s pretty disappointing most of the time. I’m not sure what’s the metrics in their algorithm for assigning a match for ride sharing but the stark difference from UberPool is that, it’s never on the route that GrabCar would have taken. It’s completely off, taking me to some odd ball place for the drop off in between. 

Maybe my personal experience is not enough to qualify as a metric for GrabShare’s performance. But I hope their performance will be different (to say improve might be subjective) over time. At least we consumers get another choice. For me now, it’s UberPool for my daily commute. I leave GrabShare to the safer shorter commutes. 

Author: yibi

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