Bye Bye M1. Hello Singtel

It’s the time of the year again – Contract renewal for my mobile phone. I think this is probably a good year for consumers. We have the 4th telco coming soon. We have a Mobile Virtual Network Operator offering plans with no contract. This has more or less shook up the market a little a while back when things were announced. Then the excitement died down. The incumbent 3 are still rather reactive and conservative, so there’s no expectation of any great deal.

This time round, I was contemplating getting a phone from Apple direct and just get a Sim only plan from M1. I did some math and decided that it wasn’t worth sticking with M1’s contract. The loyalty bonus they offered for my 5 years with them was $25. And of course, I checked out Singtel as well but without much expectation. And I’m glad I did.


Singtel has this port in offer of min $150 and $200 for a Combo 4 plan. I think it’s been a long time since we saw any telco offer port in offers. Now with $200 off the phone, then it looks more attractive to sign a contract with phone. I wrote a feedback form to M1 asking about this. The message was simple, Singtel offers $200 for port in, what can M1 offer. And as expected, the reply came back saying they have a $25 voucher for me…for my loyalty. And just side track a little, the M1 feedback form is still as sucky as I have grumbled about.

So the decision is simple. Off to Singtel that is. And top it off, they waived the registration fee and SIM card fee as well. Looks like Singtel is keen to lock in anyone for the next 2 years before the 4th telco begins operation. 

So it another 2 years and then I will shop for the best deal again.

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