Which Kind Of People Share Rides

As I have written previously, I’m sort of hooked-on to the OTT ride hailing apps. Other than my personal trips, my company has a corporate account from Grab which I use for my work related traveling.

So besides UberX, I find myself using UberPool more as well. Some might say it’s not exactly efficient yet in terms of putting pooling customers together. I have to agree but let’s talk about this another time. What’s interesting this time is : the kind of people who share rides.

During one of the rides last week, my Uber driver made a comment. She thinks that UberPool passengers are generally more cheerful, more chatty compared to UberX.

I agree with my driver totally. Out of my few pooling rides, there was only 1 single ride where the fellow passenger kept very quiet. Other than that, the other rides were all very enjoyable with all of chats and laughter throughout the whole journey. My explanation for this is that since we are already willing to share the ride, we are generally more easy going. And personally, one of the things I enjoy most during these rides is chatting with the drivers. Be it Uber, Grab or other car pooling apps, some of the drivers have another day job and another life other than driving, so there’s quite a lot to talk about.

Just a year back, I wouldn’t think of sharing a cab ride with people. Remember how Comfort cab tried to do this years ago and failed. There were problems like having to pair up with strangers and not having visibility of the eventual fare etc. The OTT apps has surmounted these problems and changed our lives.

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