My Hydroponics Experiment – The Harvest

Home Grown Arugula or Rockets
Home Grown Arugula or Rockets

After 5 weeks, my rockets are finally fully grown. And therefore, it’s time for my harvest. With my little girl’s help, we harvested this small plate of vegetable.

The Harvested Arugula
The Harvested Arugula

The quantity is not a lot but the feeling’s great because it’s home grown. Dinner was just 2 of us so we didn’t cut out all the leaves. Some were left for dinner another day.

Our Dinner With The Home Grown Arugula
Our Dinner With The Home Grown Arugula

This vegetable that I have planted is commonly called rockets but the exact name is arugula or 芝麻菜 in Chinese (Sesame Vegetable). And indeed, true to it’s name, there’s a sesame taste. Very interesting. There’s also a spicy after taste for the bigger leaves. I think I must harvest them earlier next time. I didn’t take out the whole plant for this harvest. I read from the internet that I should just cut the bigger leaves and the plant will continue to grow. And so after 3 days, all the smaller leaves have grown.

3 Days After First Harvest
3 Days After First Harvest

I think I can harvest again this weekend.

So let’s go back to what I have gather from this experiment.

  1. Kratky method works great. The maintenance is near zero. I merely started the seeds and transplanted them to this hydroponics plastic box I got from China. (Refer to Part 1)
  2. The plastic box is an over kill and a big waste of space. I can only have 8 plants on that. And the water reservoir is too big. I have in mind another design which I will DIY soon. There height will be reduced and space for plants will increase.
  3. I think I will have to mix my lights. The purple or red light works great during the initial part, but white light was more effective when the real leaves appear. (Refer to Part 2)
  4. Power utilisation wasn’t high enough to be noticeable yet with this setup. But I think benefits of having home grown vegetable should be able to offset the additional electrical bill.

Again, it’s really cool to grown your own vegetables. And this experiment is encouraging me to expand this setup. Maybe it’s just psychological, but eating home grown vegetable seems healthier and safer. After all I know what gets into my plants.

I will update again when I’m done with the new design of the Kratky tray. Stay tuned.


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