My Hydroponics Experiment – Part 2

My hydroponics experiment has been going on for about 3 weeks. My original 8 rockets are still alive! And growing!

Rockets Growing Under The Red Light
Rockets Growing Under The Red Light

Rate of growth was quite slow in the first 2 weeks when I was tinkering with the lights. I tried to have the plants on natural light in the daytime and 8 hours of grow light when the sun sets. The results were far from ideal. I think the growth cycle might have somehow disrupted because of the lack of “dark” hours. After I changed to 18 hours from 6am, I see visible growth on almost a daily basis.

The roots are extending down to the water reservoir. I’m just hoping they grow faster and absorbs more water. I need the roots to be partially out of the water to have them breathe. That’s important in deep water culture or the Kratky method.

Peeka Boo!
Peeka Boo!

If the water absorption is not fast enough, I might need to take some water out. But the whole idea is to have everything hands free, so I’m waiting for a few more days before doing anything.

My Rack Farm
My Rack Farm….To Be

My rack has arrived so I’m going to be putting up more of these hydroponics pots. I might not be using the same pot. Likely I’m going to DIY my own hydroponics planter, reducing the height to about 3 inches so that I can optimise the level of water. With DIY I can also optimise the use of space for different plants.

Lights wise, red light is better than white light at this stage of growth.

Alright, that’s all for now. Hope we have surprises next week in the growth of the rockets.

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