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Cloud computing has come to a point where it hits economical sense even without economies of scale especially for the last 2 years. Take for example, my USD $5 VM on Digital Ocean running my home surveillance. That’s actually a vast leap for cost of cloud computing and would definitely encourage adoption. And lately with the development of Dockers and Kubernetes, you don’t even need to spin up servers. You only need containers and the cloud providers like Amazon, Google etc will manage the scaling.

All these development got me very interested in exploring all the cloud products and I think the AWS certification would give me a broad stroke of what’s available. Why AWS? Firstly because they are the only one with a range of certifications now and I’m quite sure that AWS has the widest¬†range¬†of products at the moment.

I have already started online lectures for the AWS certifications. The first certificate I’m going for is the AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate. The course I’m taking is from Udemy. Just a sidenote, the course is fully subsidized by the Singapore Goverment under the SkillsFuture initiative.

I’m above a quarter through the course, having completed the modules on IAM and S3. Technically, I should say that there’s no challenge yet. So far, it’s more about getting acquainted with the products and how to go about deploying them via the AWS console. My aim is to finish up everything and get certified in 4 weeks. Like I said, the technical bits are not too difficult at this point of time, so I think 4 weeks is quite realistic for me.

I will be sharing thoughts and ideas as I finish the lectures on each product, so please bookmark my blog, or better still, like my Facebook page to get the latest updates.

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