Apple Pay Is Safe, Users Making It Otherwise


There’s alot of excitement today. Customers of local banks in Singapore are getting Apple Pay. Everyone talking about it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. I’m excited too as an Apple supporter.

So, with the excitement, a lot of people are sharing their experience with pictures and videos…..along with the last 4 digits of their credit cards numbers. You can check out Instagram for all the numbers based on the hashtag #applepay

I didn’t go further with the digging, but I’m sure there are links to Facebook where you can probably get the person’s full name, mobile number and even date of birth maybe. I’m not a hacker, so I’m not too sure what we can do with those information that I mentioned harvested online. I can be pretty sure that someone with questionable intent can do damages and the worse part is all the information are shared willingly, presented online for their use.

If you are thinking that they can’t do anything with those ‘incomplete’ information, watch the video below. With social engineering, sometimes hackers can fool people into doing things with those ‘incomplete’ information above. Hackers are not just about getting into your computer. So beware of what you share online and the privacy settings in your social media accounts.

Do share this for awareness.

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