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I started using this app recently from NEA called [email protected] We have another new activity over the weekend – swimming lessons for the young one, so I need monitor the weather to decide whether we want to make our way to pool. :)

This app monitors lightning area based on your current location. It provides weather forecast.

NEA Weathermap

The map view is a weather map that shows you the rain clouds and it also plots the lightning alerts. I don’t find it very useful though. It’s more of playing back the past 20 – 30 mins. I was hoping for a forecast actually. But with some ‘human intelligence’, you could probably tell the pattern and direction of the rain clouds.

NEA Weathermap

You can also set multiple locations to monitor. So, yeah. Monitoring Tampines Swimming Complex. And since the monitoring is based on 6km radius, it can also alert us to bring in our clothes hanging outside for drying. Very functional and practical yah?

NEA Weathermap

Alerts come via the native app notification.¬†Asthetically, the app doesn’t look too pretty, but it’s functional, serves it’s purpose.

Anyway, I guess there will be more of these apps from both the agencies itself and outside. More of Singapore’s data are being opened up at https://www.data.gov.sg. I hope we can see more apps and much more data coming from the government, particularly with deployment of IoT, the new ERP etc. An open system will definitely spur more creative usage of the data.

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