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Caricature by Fiverr artist for USD $5.

Hi! I’m Hong Chuan (@yibi). Welcome to my blog. This blog has been running since…a long time ago and the main things I write about is technology (my bread and butter). I do also write about my some other personal interests like gardening etc.

I’m a techie and in the last 14 years in my career, I have designed, built and operated some of the biggest network and system operations in Singapore with teams of very brilliant engineers.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hongchuan

One of the interesting home DIY projects I have done, is my home surveillance setup. This same setup was scaled up to over monitoring over 100 cameras and deployed in production in one of Singapore’s national events.

Other than this blog, I share other personal snapshots of my life on Instagram.

The caricature is a gig from Fiverr. You can engage the services from here.

Why is the moniker yibi. Some say’s it’s a Japanese name, some say it’s got something do with ex-girlfriends. Well…no, it’s just short and simple. How do you get a 4 character domain name (yibi.org) these days?

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YiBi's numb :) YiBi writes about anything. Technology, Gossips, Rubbish YiBi's a half f%#k geek :P

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