I’m Not Working Out To Lose Weight

Yes. Losing weight is not the main objective but rather a by-product.  There are a few reasons why I’m stepping up my workouts.

1. I’m trying to improve my cardiovascular health. I realise that I get breathless from just climbing short flight of stairs. This is going to get worse if I don’t exercise my heart.

2. I’m exercising to relieve stress. Work and stuff can be quite a handful to handle at time. A 20 – 30 mins run somehow gives relief to the stress and all nonsense pent up in the mind and chest.

3. Maintaining mental alertness and agility. As part of aging, mental and physiological functions starts to slow down. I’m getting close to 40 so things are still not very evident yet, but let’s not wait till then.

4. I have a condition that upsets the balance of my posture, so exercising helps to build muscles and counter the problem. Without doing the right exercises, I get recurring sprained back and this is going to get worse as I get older.

5. Overall fitness, well being and longevity. I have my loved ones to take care of. Illness is best prevented.

So while I’m getting leaner as I push on with my routines, the end target is not the six pack or the marathon etc. I might eventually get there (marathon more likely, six….don’t think so. Lol!), but those are by products.

Meanwhile, I still enjoy my favourite food. As long as my health is not compromised, I don’t really need care about the calories. That said, the body and mnd are 2 strange mechanisms. Somehow I’m instinctively rejecting certain food when I take a walk in the hawker centre or when I munch on the Chinese New Year snacks. For some reason, the palate has been altered by the recent exercises.

But this…I definitely can’t resist.

Good for the stomach, bad for the heart. Stomach wins! Lol! #yummyfood

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