A Fitter 2016 – How My Fitness Improved In 6 Months

Half a year ago, I was in a bad shape. The image of me didn’t look good in the mirror and it’s not only in the physical way. There were 2 main reasons why I couldn’t exercise. I would say probably 50% of it was due to the lack of motivation. The other 50% was because of the back and leg problems I was having. Every time I started exercising, I would end up with aggravated injury a few days later. Wasn’t very encouraging.

Fast forward 6 months. Currently I’m doing HIIT every alternate day. I progressed from not completing even 1 set to 5 sets in a row now. I’m running 3 times a week minimum, 3 – 4 km each run. It might not seem to be a lot, but consider that – 6 months ago, I was struggling with completing just 800m.

So what has changed? What happened to my injuries? The main turning point was in July 2015 when I had back sprains almost every 2 – 3 weeks. I panicked. I know that going at that rate, I’m not sure what it would be like in 1 year’s time. Having tried orthopaedic, Chinese sinseh etc, the next best choice I had was chiropractic.

On the first appointment with my chiropractor, I had a sprained back, a stiff shoulder which made it unbalanced when comparing with the other side. My knee was giving me issues because of the back issues. By the end of the session, my shoulder was fixed. The back was loosened, but it will take some time because of the sprained and swelling muscles.

I became regular with my chiropractic adjustment (Yes they call it adjustments) after that doing 2 – 3 sessions a week. Within a month, I found the the pain from the injuries were gone. So I started exercising, starting from a very conservative pace, slowly building the muscles. There were mishaps in between when I got too ambitious and anxious and I sprained my back again, but with the adjustments, the recovery was very fast.

So this was how I slowly progressed in the last 6 months.

Getting faster!
Getting faster!
Weight going below 90kg
Weight going below 90kg
BMI going below 30
BMI going below 30

I’m still working hard in small steps. The improvements, although small, are encouraging.  Moving an inch is better than not moving, or worse, regressing. Without the worry of aggravating my injuries, I now have more confidence when attempting exercises of higher intensity. I’m taking things at my own comfortable pace, and in my own methods. i.e. I won’t running marathon or getting my 6 packs any time. This is also an experiment for getting fit the ‘normal human way‘. 😛


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