Tai’O Seafood Steam Rice – 鹹鮮蝦乾荷葉籠仔飯

While I’m a foodie, I don’t normally blog about food. There are enough food blogs around, and I can’t nether write as well as them nor take very beautiful pictures. But there are of course exceptions once in a while.

I have to share this particular dish I had in Tai’O (大澳). Tai’O is an islet off the main Lantau Island.  Many people go there for the rustic feel, the local seafood products and off course, the food.

It was purely coincidental that we found this particular restaurant called the Boat Crossing Kitchen or 横渡小厨. There were other restaurants that were crowded serving seafood. Problem was, those restaurant were mainly serving tourists. I’m the sort that wants to do what the locals do, so I went around looking for another place and found this particular place.

I’ll get straight to the point here. i.e. Look at the picture.

海鲜虾干笼仔饭 #HK #yummyfood

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This has to be the highlight of the entire meal of 5 dishes. I have never seen steam rice done this way. The usual one that I like is done with crab, in which you steam the crab and let the natural flavour infuse the glutinous rice below. This version uses dried seafood and preserve meat. When I walked into the restaurant, both my wife and me saw people eating the crab version. We were so excited. We were telling each other that we got to have this. Then as we went further, we saw the version up there. The fragrance was fantastic. The choice is clear. Crab lose.

The rice below was infused with the flavours from the white bait, the dried shrimps, the preserved meat etc etc etc…. And they had the famous shrimp paste too. The kitchen did a serving for 8 person and we finished every bit of it. Nothing left.

This restaurant could easily be missed because you have to pass by another restaurant before you get to them. You are likely to come from the bus terminus, so this is the map for reference.

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