Growing Lotus At Home

I have been toying with this idea for the longest time. i.e. growing lotus at home. However past research told me that I need a sizeable pot with depth of about 50cm to grow lotus. The tubers from the lotus will need space to grow. My place is a HDB flat and I don’t have much corridor space so I kind of gave up the idea.

It’s only recently that I discovered that there are other species that doesn’t require so much water and space. The interest rekindled quickly. It also helps that there are so many sellers selling lotus seeds for planting (not for eating) these days.

I bought a pack of 30 seeds for RMB $10. The first thing to do is to soak the seeds. According to the seller, it takes 3 days for the first sign of sprouts to appear.

Soaking the seeds
Soaking the seeds

But this was what I discover after 24 hours. Tiny sprouts appearing. I guess the weather plays a part. Warm weather helps with germination.

Sprouting in 24 hours
Sprouting in 24 hours

In just another 3 days, the sprouts have grown about 2cm. Very encouraging.

4th Day - Growing Fast!
4th Day – Growing Fast!

And by the following weekend, the leaves appears to be opening up. I need to find a pot to grow these. I was expecting to re-pot after 3 weeks, so I’m still taking my time to shop for a nice pot. Looks like I got to speed things up.

1 week. Almost ready to be re-potted
1 week. Almost ready to be re-potted
1 week - Leaves opening up
1 week – Leaves opening up

According to the seller, I will just need a pot with depth of about 15cm. Instead of using soil, I can use clay pellets. The plant is expected to grow up to about 45cm tall which is small enough for ornamental display on table tops. And with enough fertiliser, I can expect to get flowers even indoor.

I’m keeping my fingers cross. Hopefully the growth continues to be strong and I can share the flowering lotus soon. 🙂

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