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Life without internet is inconvenient these days . So the first thing we hunt for when we reach any country, is the mobile phone counters to buy a prepaid card.

The Terminal 1 at Taoyuan Airport has counters for the 3 telcos in Taiwan, namely Taiwan Mobile, Chunghwa Telecom and FarEastTone. I’m not sure which is the best. Price wise they are all the same, so I just went for the shortest queue, considering that all the counters were swarming with people. In the end I got the plan from Taiwan Mobile.

For some reason, I lost the picture with all the plans at the airport, so I can’t show how CHEAP all the plans are.

This time round, I’m in Taiwan for 5 days, so I got myself the 5 days unlimited 3G plan for NTD $300. In Singapore dollars, it’s less than SGD $14. The 4G plan is more expensive, NTD $500 if I’m not wrong, which works out to about SGD $22. Still very cheap.

300NT for unlimited usage. Cool!

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The lady at the counter was pretty attentive. She saw me holding on to my Huawei MiFi router and advised me that it might not be compatible. She asked me to test on the spot and if it didn’t work, she would cut the SIM for me to fit the iPhone 6. Great customer service.

I’m using the Huawei E5221. Usually on insertion of the card, the MiFi would pick up the APN and settings automatically. This didn’t happen with the Taiwan Mobile SIM card. For a moment, I thought it didn’t work. On the counter staff’s advise, I set up the APN manually, which is “internet“. That got me connected immediately.

I took these screenshots when I came back to Singapore, in case you are wondering why the operator logo is M1.

Taiwan Mobile - Profile Management

APN Settings

Setting Up APN

Setting Up APN

Again, I must stress that this plan is unlimited. And having it in my MiFi router means that I can share it among devices, which in my case is 3. All these for NTD $300. And the quality of the connection is superb. I don’t have problems with speed at all. This is important for me because I’m travelling free and easy. Sometimes, we need to look up maps and stuff and this definitely works really well for me. :)



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