Travelling Without A Camera

I left my camera at home on this trip to Taiwan. It has always been a habit to bring a camera along and take most of the pictures with a camera. But this time round, I thought I would just use my iPhone 6. And truly, the iPhone has replaced my camera.

Besides taking great pictures, I can post the pictures on social media instantly.

下一站 #Taiwan

A photo posted by Lim Hong Chuan (@hongchuan) on

I can enhance pictures with filters…

Sunset at #Taiwan

A photo posted by Lim Hong Chuan (@hongchuan) on

Or have them plain vanilla

Sunset #nofilters #Taiwan A photo posted by Lim Hong Chuan (@hongchuan) on

I guess the fate of point and shoot cameras are pretty much sealed. The gap between them and the smart phones are getting bigger with the smart phones ahead.

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