M1 Fibre Broadband Upgraded To 1Gbps

It was the time of the year again where I needed to decide whether to continue my contract with M1 or move to another ISP. I was on M1 Fibre Broadband since they launched their 50Mbps at $29, then subsequently upgraded to 200Mbps at $39. There was not too much of a choice. 200Mbps was the most basic plan they had and $39 was the cheapest and most value for money broadband plan available. No brainer. My needs are very basic. I just need to access the internet at the lowest possible price.

For this year, I got a post card from M1 offering $49 for 300Mbps and they will give a free router and other some freebies. At $49, I was contemplating switching, maybe to MyRepublic. And while I was choosing the new ISP, M1 decided to offer 1Gbps at $39. No frills! My favourite! So it was a no brainer again. I took up the new contract with M1. So I did my new contract online and subsequently went to one of the M1 shop to collect a free Philips DECT phone they were giving for online orders.

So as with all upgraded broadband plans, we have to do a speed test to confirm that we get the speed we pay for.

I’m using the old ASUS RT-N56U, a 2 year old router. I don’t see the need to upgrade and blast my whole house with wireless signal. My computer is a 2011 Macbook Pro running Yosemite. For this test, I enabled jumbo frames on my Ethernet interface on the Macbook Pro and the router.

OS X Yosemite Jumbo Frame Setting

For a good test, jumbo frame has to enabled end to end, i.e. from PC to Router to ONT. I’m assuming M1 has jumbo frame enabled on their ONT GPON and LAN Interface.

For the speed test, I’m using SGIX Speed Test. The Singapore Internet Exchange (SGIX) is a platform for open and neutral peering in Singapore. The speed test at SGIX is configured to perform tests up to 1Gbps, so it is more accurate.

M1 1Gbps - Speed Test Results
M1 1Gbps – Speed Test Results

This is the result of the speed test. I’m getting slightly over 800Mbps for download. I think I can get higher speed with more optimisation, but this would not be a fair ‘consumer’ test. I have had speed up to about 980Mbps on another provider and with better hardware

This is video screen capture of the speed test. Side note, I didn’t know Quicktime can do full and partial screen capture. Cool!

So, I’m happy with this speed. To be frank, I would rather M1 offer me a cheaper plan at a lower speed. I would be happy with 200 – 300Mbps, but nonetheless at $39, it is still a damn good deal.

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