iPhone vs Android…Again.

This is actually from a friend’s Facebook post about why he hates the iPhone and prefers Samsung. There perfectly nothing wrong with it. It is all a matter of personal choice. Anyway, I replied in the post and realised it became a full essay, so I thought I’d air my thoughts here.
It all depends on which angle you compare to. If there’s any Android phone I would go for, it’s the Nexus or newer series from Google themselves. Pure Android. With Samsung, LG, HTC etc etc, it’s just reminding me of all the different windows managers in Linux. Every one has different experience and new hardware leave old OS behind and the other way round too.
Personally for me, it’s the ecosystem and integration. At one point of time I was thinking of switching to Chromebook + Android. After all, I just need a bash shell to do work. 
Problem is Chromebook just doesn’t cut it. In my opinion, Chromebooks should be portable, moderately powerful and always connected. I actually like the idea of Chromebooks. Light OS + SSD = super battery life. But look at the 14” Chromebooks. Those are laptops with Chrome OS. It’s either too small or too big.
So if one day there’s a combination of Chromebook with Android phone like the iPhone + Macbook Air 13”.
This is the preference from a techie.

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