Firmware Update For Your BroadLink RM Pro

🎇 3 May 2020 – I have upgraded to the Broadlink RM4 Pro! Here’s my experience!

I was alerted by one of the visitors on my page that there’s an update for the RM Pro. The most important feature for this update, is enabling remote access for your RM Pro. Before this update, the RM Pro can only be accessed from your LAN. Now you can control your devices at home via the internet.

Finding the option to upgrade the firmware was a bit tricky. The BroadLink documentation is not that fantastic. I ended up figuring out the upgrade on my own.

First, you have to get to the list of RM Pro you have. In my case, I have 1.

RM Pro - Device List
RM Pro – Device List

Go into the device details and you see the firmware update option.

RM Pro - Device Details
RM Pro – Device Details

On this screen, you should expect to see the new firmware and an option to upgrade. I didn’t get a screenshot before I upgraded, so this is the result.


RM Pro - New Firmware
RM Pro – New Firmware

After the upgrade I had problem connecting to the RM Pro. I ended up reconfiguring the RM Pro again. The cause of the problem was not clear.

So after the upgrade, the remote access now works. I’m caught up with research on geospatial topic these couple days. Shall come back to the RM Pro when I’m done.

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