My First Backblaze Restoration

I have been backing up my data on Backblaze for quite a while. Important files from my Macbook Pro goes an old Macbook that I use as a file/media/ftp/whatever server via rsync daily. Subsequently the Macbook sends everything to Backblaze. The machine has been on for 24 x 7 over the last 3 years or so. So eventually the HDD broke down too. And thus, I need a restore of my data from Backblaze.

For restoration, you can either order your backups to be delivered in flash drives/ USB drives or downloaded from Backblaze. This makes sense in US, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea for someone like me in Singapore. Shipping cost will be high. My data is important, but I can still afford download the files slowly, so I created the zip files containing my data for downloading.

While Backblaze offers unlimited backups, they are only charging USD $5 per month. It’s value for money. And the backup is simple. You basically install the client and forget about it. It just works. But there was a shortcoming when I started initially. The maximum speed I could get with them was 2Mbps. My initial backup took me a week. This would also mean that restoration could take a week or so. After the initial backup, 2Mbps is good enough for the incremental backups. I went with Backblaze despite the shortcoming.

For this restoration. I have 80GB of data to be downloaded and restored, so I created a few restore files so that I don’t to download everything in one single chunk. Backblaze has this Backblaze downloader which manages the download session and allows resuming. The problem is, it just downloads the last file created. There’s no way to select the individual restore files for downloading. So on hindsight, I should have just created 1 single big file to work with the downloader.

So without the downloader, I’m downloading the files via the browser.

Backblaze Restore File Download
Backblaze Restore File Download

First thing that caught my attention was the download speed. I’m getting average of 2MB/s per file. I’m downloading 4 files, that’s like 8MB/s or 64Mbps. This is really cool. Looks like I don’t have to wait a few days to get my 80GB of data back.

So, how about the backup, since the speed has improved dramatically since I started?

Backblaze Initial Backup
Backblaze Initial Backup

I’m getting approximately 15.53 Mbps now. And I believe the actual speed could be higher if I’m not using the machine. The Backblaze client is written to work in the background, so it should be more effective when I leave the machine alone. This means my 130GB of data can be backed up within 24 hours now instead of the 1 week in the past. This certainly gives Backblaze more value for users in Singapore or even the Asia Pacific region.

You can find out more about Backblaze here from my referal link. Signing up via this link will earn me free months for using this great service. This is NOT a paid advertorial (how I wish), so it’s real feedback from me, a long time user.

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