Pop-up ATM For Drawing New Notes – By DBS

I read from the papers that DBS has deployed pop-up ATMs this year for the drawing of new notes. The idea is to ease the queue and also serve folks who do not have time to queue at the bank during the operating hours. Some of these machines operate 24 hours. The locations and operating hours can be found here.

I thought this was a brilliant idea. I hate queuing for one, and one of the locations is just 5 mins walk from office.


And this is it, the pop up ATM. This is at Kreta Ayer Community Club. There are 3 machines deployed. The best part about it is that there’s no queue. I was expecting people to be queuing, judging from the queues at the bank. Maybe the awareness isn’t there yet. DBS also has a staff on-site to explain to people on the usage and give ang bao and chocolate. 🙂

DBS Ang Bao and Chocolate!
DBS Ang Bao and Chocolate!

A little suggestion here for DBS. Due to the pre-determined combination, I had to perform 4 transactions to get the amount of notes I want. This could be a bit challenging if there is a queue behind me. I hope DBS can analyse the pattern for this year and come out with more / better combinations. Take for instance, the $1,000 pack. It’s 16 pieces of 50, $20 pieces of $10. This combination would be better if they added in $2 as well. Or there could be a $1,200 or $1,500 option with all the various notes in.

Anyway, this is a great idea. Kudos to DBS. I do hope that they conclude this trial as a success and continue doing this next year. 🙂

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