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I bought a Pencil from FiftyThree about 3 months ago. I was impressed by the online demos and the product didn’t disappoint me when I got it eventually. In fact, I can’t imagine using another stylus that’s ‘non intelligent’.

Unfortunately, something came off one day when I was taking the tip to charge the Pencil.

Faulty Pencil
Faulty Pencil

I was very upset because I like using the Pencil for my sketches and note taking and therefore would want to get it replaced ASAP.

I wrote to the customer service folks with the picture above and asked if I could RMA this or even repair it myself so that I could be using the Pencil again very soon. I wasn’t very optimistic actually. We know the usual RMA procedure. Fill the forms, arrange for return. Bear the return shipping etc. And it’s more painful for me since I’m in Singapore and RMA’s in the USA. Sometimes, the effort makes it easier to just order a new piece of the product.

The first email came back telling me RMA was possible and they needed my proof of purchase and serial number. Standard protocols. The next email was to ask for my return address in Singapore. I was expecting them to ask me to arrange for return of the faulty product at this point and this was the email that I got eventually.

Fantastic Reply From Fifty Three
Fantastic Reply From Fifty Three

Totally cool! This is the kind of reply that customers like to see. Throughout the whole exchange, nobody asked why it’s broken or how it’s broken.  They clearly understood the problem international customers generally have on returns and they made the issue less complicated or rather, disappear totally.

Well, some folks might say that this is expected for the price I paid for a stylus. Yes, I agree. The thing now is, how many businesses out there are willing to provide such service even when a premium is paid. From my past experience, only Apple had this level of service. Now FiftyThree’s on this list.

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