Pretty Shoes – New Balance M890V4

New Balance M890BG4
New Balance M890BG4

I bought myself a new pair of shoes today. My old Nike has worn out and I think it’s throwing me off balance when I run, to such an extent that it’s hurting my feet and ankle.

My weight is on the heavy side, so I always need to get shoes with good cushioning. I didn’t really look into the pronation and stuff. I simply want a pair of shoes that is comfortable when I walk and run.

I did some research online and actually set my eyes on the Saucony Kinvara 5. According to reviews, it’s a neutral shoe with cushioning. It’s also suppose to be wider, good for big footed people like me. And it’s a very nicely designed pair of shoes. Yes, that’s the vain factor.

So, I went to Running Lab at Funan to try out the Kinvara. I took a few steps and decided that it’s not for me. The side of the shoe was basically scratching the arch of my feet. Apparently it’s not wide enough. I was actually quite disappointed…because I like the design. Yes, vain.

I told the salesgirl my problem with the width problem and she recommended me the M890BG4 from New Balance. I was actually apprehensive. The only New Balance shoes I have ever worn were the SAF issued shoes. And quoting a PT Instructor that I trained under : “The New Balance shoes had such thick and hard soles, they simply “bey” (won’t) balance.” I had the same sentiment. I know such a comparison is unfair but the impression is there.

Soles Of The M890BG4
Soles Of The M890BG4

But then again, the folks at Running Lab should be the expert, so I went with her recommendation. And, Wow. I like the shoes. Walking around in it was comfortable. I even tried it on the treadmill they had in the store. It’s good. The shoes felt snugging, the way I like it for running. And it’s light, probably just slightly heavier than a pair of Adidas I had from the Adizero series.

The Running Lab girl told me that New Balance actually has options for the widest soles followed by Saucony. Later I found out from another friend that Mizuno and Asics also caters to wide feet. Asics Kayano is nice, but too expensive for casual runners like me. :P

So, this pair of New Balance is priced at SGD $179. There’s a 15% discount for Citibank credit cards at Running Lab, so it came to about SGD 152, even below my original budget of SGD $159 that I set for the Kinvara. Time for a run!

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