Mini Cake Maker

Yes, mini cake maker. 🙂 I’m not only about geek and stuff. I do the family things too. :p

Joyoung Mini Cake Maker
Joyoung Mini Cake Maker

This has been on my daughter’s wish list for a while. So I ordered one of these when I came across it on Taobao. The cost of this is about SGD $20. On hindsight, I think I could have gotten one for about the same price locally. 🙂

The device is simple. No timer, no knobs to adjust etc. 2 LEDS to show that it’s powered on and whether it’s heating. Instructions say that you pre-heat it and when the heating light is on, you start putting in the dough or cake mix to start ‘baking’.

We have no experience with this, so we tested with 1 cake.

Cake Test 1
Cake Test 1

After 4 mins, we got this beautiful cake. I tasted it and I must say it’s really not bad. Look wise, we thought it was a bit raw, so we tried 5 mins on the next round.

Mini Cakes Round 2 - Slightly Charred
Mini Cakes Round 2 – Slightly Charred

Round 2 turned out slightly charred. So the magic number is actually 4 mins, or around 4 and a half mins.

Mini Cakes - Done
Mini Cakes – Done

This is a pretty interesting machine. Along the way, we had other ideas. Make we could make tako-yaki with this, or we could fry eggs? I think this could a good companion during BBQ and parties for make simple finger food without activating your whole oven. For 20 bucks, it’s a steal. 🙂

This is the link on Taobao.

Joyoung/九阳 JK-20GW02家用迷你蛋糕机早餐自制蛋糕烘焙必备正品

Joyoung/九阳 JK-20GW02家用迷你蛋糕机早餐自制蛋糕烘焙必备正品
Joyoung/九阳 JK-20GW02家用迷你蛋糕机早餐自制蛋糕烘焙必备正品

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