I Found A Creepy iOS App – Argus

I found this app called Argus by chance on the App Store when I was searching for a pedometer. The new iOS 8 allows apps to run and acquire information in background, so the pedometer works quietly in the background all the time, i.e. you do not have to turn it on each time you want to track your steps.

App Store - Argus
App Store – Argus

There wasn’t much activity on Day 1 because I downloaded it before going to bed.

Argus - Day 1
Argus – Day 1

And on Day 2, I totally forgot that I had the app installed. I went on for my morning walk and track it with RunKeeper as per normal. I only remembered then I had the app sometime in the afternoon. Why? Because Argus prompted that I had completed a preset goal of 10,000 steps.

Argus - Day 2
Argus – Day 2

It was a surprise when I got the notification because I was not aware that the app was running in the background. And where did the 10,000 steps come from? Part of it from the morning walk. All done in the background.

Argus Pedometer
Argus Pedometer

Because of this, I took a deeper look into the application. Besides being a pedometer, it is also able to take your heart rate with an external app, track your calories, remind you to drink water etc.

So why do I say it is creepy? As usual, I went for the morning walk. I was just expecting Argus to track the steps as usual. I usually walk and run a bit after warming up, but today I decided to start off with a run. So when I got home, I saw this. Somehow Argus was tracking my run too.

IMG_1165Why? At least I thought maybe it got the information from RunKeeper. Turns out, this app has automatic run detection. I think it is able to tell the different between walking and running by calculating the approximate cadence.

Argus - Automatic Run Detection
Argus – Automatic Run Detection

The run tracking stopped when I stopped to walk. Interesting right? 🙂

Argus is a great app. I will be using it for long term and I highly recommend it. But on a side note, our mobile devices are so intelligent now that it is actually getting creepy. I just hope Siri isn’t listening in and analysing my conversations every single moment.

This is the link to download Argus – https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/argus-pedometer-run-cycle/id624329444?mt=8

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