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I received my new Raspberry Pi Model B+ about 2 weeks ago. I gotta applaud element14 for their efficiency. I received my package within 24 hours of placing the order. My old Raspberry Pi was given to a friend as a Cacti server. That was SAM. Now I formally introduce JIM, my new Raspberry Pi. Why Jim? No particular reason. It’s the next 3-lettered name I can think of after SAM. :)

This time round, I got more things compared the last time when I got my Model B. In this order, I got myself

  1. The Raspberry Pi Model B+
  2. A proper power supply for the Raspberry Pi
  3. The camera module
  4. And a nice casing with provisions for the camera module.
The Raspberry Pi and Camera Module
The Raspberry Pi and Camera Module

I don’t think I need to introduce the Model B+ more. The specifications and pictures are all over the internet.

The main things that attracted me this time was the microSD slot and the 4 USB ports. From the experience gained in the previous models, the Model B+ is a more refined piece of work. The microSD alone already let this new model look less awkward. The 4 USB port obviously will give more expandability without using a USB hub.

For the casing, I was delighted to find that it has provisions for the camera module. In the past, you either let the camera module dangle of out of the enclosure or do some modifications. Now you can have the camera nicely seated inside the casing. Some improvement still needed, but it works for now.

Casing with Camera Hole
Casing with Camera Hole

JIM is going to become my Linux workstation. It’s also going to be a Airplay display for my Macbook Pro so that I have 1 less cable on my table. I will be getting USB bluetooth and WiFi adaptors to keep it as ‘wireless’ as possible. As for the camera, I actually have not decided what to do with it, maybe do some face recognition thing to unlock or login to my workstation? Still gotta think. Will write more when I’m done with my project. :)

Here’s more images of the Raspberry Pi.

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