In-Car Air Purifier From TaoBao (淘宝)

Have you ever bought ionisers and air purifiers for your car and wonder if they work? I mean, most of them come with fans, tells you that there’s negative ions generated and that’s it. I had this question too when I look at the cigarette lighter ionisers.

So, I went on a search on TaoBao to see if I could get a air purifier that can measure the TVOC (Total Organic Volatile Compounds) level in my car. Then I would know the actual situation in my car and if the the purifier is actually working. This is a geek thing again probably.

After searching, I decided that this is the one I’m getting.

柯创K9 智能车载空气净化器 汽车空气净化器氧吧 车用去甲醛器
柯创K9 智能车载空气净化器 汽车空气净化器氧吧 车用去甲醛器



柯创K9 智能车载空气净化器 汽车空气净化器氧吧 车用去甲醛器
柯创K9 智能车载空气净化器 汽车空气净化器氧吧 车用去甲醛器


Why I chose this model is because of the TVOC detector and ioniser. But of course, I need to read and also trust the reviews.

This machine is RMB $198 and shipping by air freight is RMB $48, so after some miscellaneous fees and exchange rate difference, it’s probably about SGD $55. Not too bad for a machine that comes with TVOC detector.

The air purifier arrived after 1 week by courier. Shipping from China is by a company called 4PX. A side note. I use this forwarder because they are more reliable. Things get to me faster compared to other forwarder I have used.

The installation is simple. Just plug to the cigarette lighter and you are good to go.

Green Indicators On
Green Indicators On

So now naturally the question is, how do we know the TVOC indicator is working? I tried opening the car window, it stayed green. And it was green all the way, until I was suspecting that the indicator will always be green.

The next thing that happened was purely coincidental. Before I drove off for work this morning, I spray perfume. Within 5 seconds, the indicator turn red. Lol! My experiment was done. The particle detector works!

Red Indicator On!
Red Indicator! “Bad” Air!

So, does the “odour” removal work? While I was driving, the indicator turn yellow after about 5 mins and after another 5 mins, the indicators turned green. I’m not sure if it’s just psychological, but I felt that the perfume did not linger as much.

I guess the next experiment I should be doing is having people eat durian my car. That should really test the effectiveness. :)

The product link is here : http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=38091084416&spm=a1z09.

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