Random Thoughts On Human Brain, Computing and Social Media

This are some random thoughts. The power of the brain lies in the instant association and suggestions. What do I mean by association? I saw picture posted by a friend on Facebook. It’s a cup of coffee which, without the captions, resembles a pot of soil and a plant. Instantly my brain gave me a suggestion that it’s a new pot of plant by another friend who is a co-worker of the one who posted the picture. This association comes instantly without a single bit of effort.


We put this into the context of computing, I think it’s probably something that computers are not capable of entirely. This thought process that happened in that instant is the result of years of memories, subconscious association and retrieval of memories and the human consciousness. Computers are capable of the first 2. It’s Big Data and its Big Data Analytics.

So, who is capable of this now in the social media world? Facebook! Facebook probably has the collective memories of a big chunk of the human population and how we are linked to each other, our preferences, our habits etc. based on our tags, our comments, photo uploads and stuff. Think about it for instance, Facebook, with their facial recognition techniques can even ‘remember’ how you looked like 30 – 50 years ago. It’s persistent memory. And they don’t have probably with deteriorating short term memory like we do when we grow old. Wow! So the missing piece now is the human consciousness, i.e. the feelings, which decides what to suggest, associate and feedback.

This certainly gets very interesting as the giants polishes their techniques. Is the internet going to get so smart that it’s going to nag at me like my mum one day?! Hmm…

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