Do These Look Like New Book From Amazon?

While I have bought quite a number of things from Amazon, this is the  first time I’m ordering books. Given that Amazon is so established, I didn’t think I need to worry about the items in the package. Well, it turned out to be quite a disappointment in the end.

I ordered 2 books from Amazon. 1. Javascript, The Definitive Guide and 2. AngularJS Directives.

The first book had this bad dent, crumple, whatever you call it.

My Crumpled New Book
My Crumpled New Book

And for the 2nd book, the cover page was dirty and had scratches.

Dirty New Book
Dirty New Book

The books are usable, but it just doesn’t feel good having paid for new goods and receive them this way. And to add to the pain, I have to go through the trouble of sending the books back. Yes, I’m returning the books on Monday and requesting a refund from Amazon. I need the books urgently so I got to grab the books off the shelves from somewhere locally.

The package had the large bubble sheet packing, so I don’t think the damages are caused during delivery. It’s more of the packing and handling part.

Again, disappointed.

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