My Life Saver – Ketotop

*Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor nor pharmacist. This is just based on personal experience. Ketotop is a prescribed medicine, so please do not share the patches other people. Get a proper prescription in case of allergies or side effects.

This has to be my life saver. If not for this, I don’t think I can be getting out of bed today.

Ketotop Plaster
Ketotop Plaster

I have a history of back muscle sprain. While the occurrence is like once in every 2 years, each time it happens, it’s plain torture. I will have problem sitting and getting back up. Getting out of bed is extremely painful.

Typically, doctors will give muscle relaxant and order bed rest for at least 48 hours. Problem with bed rest is, the pain when you need to get out of bed! And in that process, the injury is probably aggravated. So along came this life saver. A doctor I saw, prescribed this to me. And I must say it’s extremely effective.

If I’m on the muscle relaxant route, I will be in pain for at least 4 – 5 days. With Ketotop, the relieve is felt after a few hours. What I do is I apply it before I sleep and by the next morning I’m more comfortable. The pain is still there but it’s down by a significant degree, maybe 60%.

So, what’s the logic behind this. After a muscle sprain, you will get inflammation of the muscles. That’s the cause of the pain. So to solve the pain, you solve the inflammation. Ketotop is actual Ketoprofen. And Ketotop has this transdermal property that will let the medicine permeate your skin and goes to the inflamed area quickly. Once the inflammation is reduced, the pain subsides corresponding. Again, I’m not a doctor. This is what I gathered from the internet and I think it makes sense logically.

I keep a few packs of this in case of emergency and it has proven handy. One thing to note is that this is prescribed medicine, so you need to have a pharmacist or doctor prescribe this. I got this from the pharmacy Changi General Hospital. You got to fill up a form and the pharmacist will advise you accordingly on the applications and effects.

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