Filter Change Time For My CLEANSUI

I wrote about using the CLEANSUI filter last year in November. The snap-on filter was supposed to filter 900 litres of water and I’m surprise it took this long to hit the 900 litres. The counter on the filter counted down to zero and finally it’s time to change the filter.

I thought I was actually very conscious of the colour of the filter because I kept checking on it every few days. It didn’t really look very dirty. But after I took down the filter and compared to an all new filter catridge, I’m really felt glad that I have the filter on.

Clean CLEANSUI Filter vs Used Filter

New CLEANSUI Filter vs Used Filter

I’m not a very good photographer, so I hope you can see the difference in the pictures. The used filter on the right is now brown compared to the bright, clean, white new filter. I was actually intending to crack the cartridge open but I do not have the right tools. The brown colour actually corresponds to the recent Punggol water tap water incident. So if PUB didn’t clean the pipes, we would be drinking the brown water in small amounts daily? It’s not that we can’t trust Singapore’s water treatment, but I live in a 30 year old flat. I don’t know how PUB can clean the whole water distribution network right down to my tap.

So, my advise is to get a set of good filters. Look out for the contaminents that can be filtered. I chose the Mitsubishi CLEANSUI because it’s capable of filtering down 0.1 micron. i.e. some bacteria included. I have a young kid at home, so I feel safer.

I’m still bent on cracking open the cartridge, but I will need to wait for my tools to arrive. This is an excuse for me to get a Dremel set. :p

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