I Got A Free T-Shirt From Hurricane Electric!

Geek excitement again. The courier delivered this free T-shirt from Hurricane Electric. I can’t remember if I actually ordered the T-Shirt or Hurricane Electric sent the T-shirts out as part of the IPv6 Day. It was a great surprise. :)

IPv6 T-Shirt From Hurricane Electric

My wife asked me why I was so excited when I got the T-shirt and told her: “See! There’s this RFC2460 thing on the back! And the IPv6 packet format!”. Geek thing. :P

Anyway, I using the free IPv6 tunnel from Hurricane Electric, so my home is IPv6 enabled. My blog (the one you are seeing now) goes through CloudFlare’s IPv6 gateway. You can read all my IPv6 related posts here : https://blog.yibi.org/tag/ipv6



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