Where NOT To Bring Your Young Toddler To In Bali

I was in Bali last week for a friend’s wedding. Prior to the wedding we had free time, so we went sightseeing. Naturally in Bali you would want to go to the beach, so we told our driver our intention and he suggested that we go to Padang Padang Beach in Uluwatu, Bali. According to him, the wave here is not that strong and is going to be suitable for kids.

Upon reaching the beach, I already had some apprehension. We were supposed to go down this flight of steps to reach the beach. Despite the apprehension, we decided to go ahead.

The flight of stairs to Padang Padang beach

So, off we went. The first part was still ok.

Stairs to Padang Padang

The next segment is the interesting part.

Sign to Padang Padang Beach

Check out the narrow path. It’s quite a challenge if you need to carry your kid down this ‘cave’. Well, we are halfway there, so we pushed on.

'Cave' leading to Padang Padang Beach

Ok. At the other end of this hole, you see the beach. Not too bad a sight. Something you don’t get to see in Singapore.

Padang Padang Beach

I won’t say the waves are exactly mild. It can be quite frightening if you lose hold of a toddler in the wave. 

Waves at Padang Padang Beach

Another View At Padang Padang Beach

The beach was also quite dirty with garbage and you see litter floating along with the waves. There were a lot of surfers, all Caucasians. They didn’t seem to mind the floating debris. There were also Indonesian kids playing in the water. Maybe we are too protective, but I don’t want to risk my girl falling sick etc.

We did go into the water for a while, just ankle/knee/waist deep depending how strong the wave was. The wave can sweep about 5-6m up onto the beach when at times.


We didn’t last more than 30 mins. :p

Oh, not to forget, after the whole episode, you need to climb this long steep flight of steps back to the top of cliff. It would be very very dangerous if it was raining.

Comparatively, I like the beach at Jimbaran more. At the least there’s clean sand for the kids to play. :)

Sunset at Jimbaran Beach

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