Office 365 – Singapore Pricing For Personal and Home

Office 365 Personal / Home

Today I came across the Office 365 Personal / Home plans on the Microsoft website. I’m think this is new. I don’t think Microsoft was offering these plans the last time I checked when they launched the iOS apps.

The price for subscription in Singapore is SGD $13.80 per month for 5 licenses to use Microsoft Office, Skype, Skydrive etc. For a single license, it’s SGD $9.80 per month. There are also options for annual upfront payment for some savings.

Office 365 Home Plan

The whole feature set can be found on this page.


So here comes the dilemma. I need 2 licenses at home, so I don’t want to pay for 5 :)  I would pay for the 5 licenses, if they price it at $9.90 per month. I will end up using 2 licenses (and wasting 3 others) but it looks like a fairer price to me. :P Unfortunately they don’t have such a plan and $9.90 is actually about the price for a single license. :)

And out of curiosity, I checked out prices else where in the region.

1. Indonesia.

Office 365 Indonesian Pricing

At the current exchange rate, this plan would cost SGD $8.03.

2. Malaysia

Office 365 Malaysia Pricing

And this is the Malaysian price which comes to about SGD $9.65. More expensive than Indonesia but cheaper than Singapore.

3. China

Office 365 China Pricing

And this is the China pricing. SGD $9.85.

So why are we paying more in Singapore? I can understand that Singapore has a smaller market. And in relative terms, the pricing is probably the cheapest if we consider our average income here. But then… :)

For consolation, the Aussies are paying even more. It’s about SGD $14.00.

Office 365 Australia pricing

Oh, but there’s this offer that I think is absolutely value for money – Office 365 University. SGD $108 for 4 years. Comes with 2 licenses. Hmm..just what I need.

Office 365 University

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