New Toy! : Mitsubishi Rayon CLEANSUI Home Water Purifier

Recently, I see more and more reports on the effect of chlorine on our health, not only for consumption but also for shower. Apart from that, I live in a 30 year old HDB flat. One can imagine the condition of the pipes that deliver water to each household. This prompted me to get a good set of water filter for my family.

There were a few options that I considered. There was the 3M under-sink filter, the Instapure that we can get from Home-Fix and many more. What I finally chose is the Mitsubishi Rayon CLEANSUI faucet filter. Out of all the choices I looked at, only CLEANSUI can perform filtration for a particle size of 0.1 micron. That effectively eliminates most, if not all contaminants, including bacteria like the E,Coli!

CLEANSUI Filtration Capabilities

CLEANSUI Filters bacteria!

I took these tables from You can refer to their website for more information.

This table is comprehensive enough to convince me in getting this device.


What you see on the left is the CSP-601E. And yes, I got the shower head too. But of course the shower head does not filter so many things, but it’s good enough as long as chlorine is taken out.

I got this whole lot of stuff from Amazon instead of the local retailer. Reason? Getting the local set will cost me double of what I paid compared to Amazon. Within half an hour, I had both the devices installed. Shall write about the installation and a review of the product soon!

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