New Toy! : Mitsubishi Rayon CLEANSUI Home Water Purifier

Recently, I see more and more reports on the effect of chlorine on our health, not only for consumption but also for shower. Apart from that, I live in a 30 year old HDB flat. One can imagine the condition of the pipes that deliver water to each household. This prompted me to get a good set of water filter for my family.

There were a few options that I considered. There was the 3M under-sink filter, the Instapure that we can get from Home-Fix and many more. What I finally chose is the Mitsubishi Rayon CLEANSUI faucet filter. Out of all the choices I looked at, only CLEANSUI can perform filtration for a particle size of 0.1 micron. That effectively eliminates most, if not all contaminants, including bacteria like the E,Coli!

CLEANSUI Filtration Capabilities

CLEANSUI Filters bacteria!

I took these tables from http://www.cleansui.com/en/whatis/features.html. You can refer to their website for more information.

This table is comprehensive enough to convince me in getting this device.


What you see on the left is the CSP-601E. And yes, I got the shower head too. But of course the shower head does not filter so many things, but it’s good enough as long as chlorine is taken out.

I got this whole lot of stuff from Amazon instead of the local retailer. Reason? Getting the local set will cost me double of what I paid compared to Amazon. Within half an hour, I had both the devices installed. Shall write about the installation and a review of the product soon!

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