My New Gadget – Plantronics Backbeat Go

I have been hunting for a decent pair of Bluetooth headset that I can use for running. A simple search on the internet will give you 3 brands: Jabra, Jaybird and Plantronics. The reviews for the 3 brands are mixed but I think the general consensus is that Jaybird makes the best quality earphones in this category. I would love to get the Jaybird too, but it’s simply too expensive. I’m not audiophile, it doesn’t make sense for me to get a very high grade set of earphones.

So the next 2 choices, Plantronics and Jabra. I was initially decided on Jabra Sport Active Wireless. I actually placed it on my watch list on Amazon to wait for the price to drop. In Singapore, it’s retailing for about SGD $140. If I ship from Amazon, it’s probably about SGD $100. But as written in the title, I got the Plantronic Backbeat Go in the end. Why? I came across a deal selling it at SGD $80 with free shipping. No brainer! Ordered immediately.

So, now to the experience. I have already been using the headset for about 1 month. I use it when I’m driving, running, working. Basically, this is a non-obstrusive headset that I can use anytime. It’s basically just a cord with 2 earbuds that hangs around my neck.

Plantronics Backbeat Go

Pairing with the iPhone was extremely simple. And they have this battery indicator on the phone to let me know when I should be charging the headset.

Bluetooth Battery Indicator

Sound quality is good enough for me. The controls over Bluetooth is responsive. But I do find the controls too near to the earbud, so it’s slightly awkward to adjust. It would be nice if it was lower, at approximately the mid of the cord. That would mean that the user would raise her hand to the chest level to touch the control instead of lifting up her hand to the ear level. I find it less natural.

For running, the earbuds fit in nicely to my ears. On top of that they have this additional guard that helps to hold the earbuds in place when I’m running.

Earbud of the Backbeat Go

The next test which I still can’t verify is the durability. I have been running almost everyday for the past 1 month, so the headset is wet with my perspiration. I do wipe it with clean water after each run. Let’s see how long it can last with all the daily sweat. :)

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