M1 Broadband Upgraded – 200Mbps

I got my M1 fibre broadband upgraded recently to 200Mbps. Again, it’s a no brainer. I do not need other services, so when M1 came up with $39 for 200Mbps, immediately I signed on with them. For this upgrade, they had to replace my ONT from the previous Nucleus Connect branded to their own. Reason cited: The Nucleus Connect ONT could not support more than 100Mbps. You and I know that it’s not true of course, but well. :)

There were some hiccups along the way, and so it took them 3 months to get my circuit up, plus a whole lot of billing cork ups. Still settling the billing thing with them.

Other than that, the upgrade process on the day of installation was like 10mins. Tear down the old setup and setup the new ONT. And that it!

M1 200Mbps Speed Test

Not bad. 180Mbps. Not that I needed that kind of speed, but that was the cheapest I could find. :)

Author: yibi

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