iPad Mini – Finally Arriving

After an incredibly long wait, it’s finally going to be here. 

Tracking the iPad Mini

I’m not going to do unboxing videos. There are tons of people doing that. Let’s just talk about why I bought the iPad Mini. First of all, I do not own the latest iPad. While I have been using the iPhone from 3GS up to the current iPhone 5, I have only gotten the first generation iPad. And it’s without cellular, so the use is restricted mainly to home. 

The iPad is a great device. It’s a nice fit between the PC and the smart phones. Nevertheless, I always thought the iPad is too big to bring around. That’s why I stopped at the 1st Generation iPad. I would rather use my phone than to carry the huge, bulky iPad wherever I go.

When the Google Nexus 7 was launched, I thought it was the perfect fit. The size is perfect for bringing around. Not too bulky, not too heavy and has reasonable real estate on the screen. Was close to getting one. 2 reasons why I didn’t get it. Firstly, it runs Android. Don’t get me wrong. It’s nothing against Android but most of my apps are on iOS. Secondly, the cellular version is not available in Singapore. And even up to today, it’s still not available.

Now, here comes the iPad Mini. Slightly bigger than the Nexus 7. Less plasticky feel. (I must stress that this is a personal preference.). Runs iOS. Didn’t take me too long to decide to get one. And I got the cellular version. Well, some people might say, Apple fanboys, surely the decision is irrational. Well, partly I must admit, but I would say it’s only 10% of the whole decision process. The main thing is I needed something small enough to bring around, but yet more comfortable to read on compared to my iPhone. 

Now eagerly anticipating the delivery. 🙂

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