Small And Nifty HDMI Switch

Background: My LCD TV is about 6 years old. I have only 1 HDMI port, which obviously isn’t enough for the new devices that I have added over the years.

Solution: I need a HDMI Switch that supports a few connection. So this is what I bought.

3 Port HDMI Switch

When I bought this HDMI Switch, I was expecting it to be pretty big, something like the size of a mini-itx pc. So when it finally arrived, I was delightfully surprised.

Small HDMI Switch

The switch is even smaller and thinner than a pack of 4 x AA size battery! So how does the switch work.

Basically, there’s a button that toggles the input of the switch. It will also switch automatically to the last device that sends input to the switch. Eg, my cable box is on now. When I switch it off, it goes to my Apple TV. And when I switch my cable box on again, it will automatically switch to the cable box again. And no power is needed for this device.

There are some other switches with remote control, but the caveat is, they need power. And I do not want another remote control, so I opt for this particular switch.

HDMI Switch with 2 inputs

And what’s the best part about this HDMI Switch? It’s only 9 USD! :) You can get the switch here!

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