Free Ride On The Cloud

There are a number of free trials I found on the internet after finding out about the launch of Microsoft Azure. These are the major players that I found that are offering free trials.

1. Microsoft Azure


Free Trial Details For MS Azure

2. IBM Smart Cloud


IBM SmartCloud Free Trial


3. Amazon EC2



The Amazon list is the longest and most comprehensive.

4. HP Cloud


HP Cloud Free Trial


All these trials lets you test drive their services. I don’t time to try every single one of them so I have only signed up for Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2. Azure and EC2 has present in Singapore, so access to them is speedy. I’m not too sure if the other 2 has their infrastructure here.

With all the big players going into cloud and offering services in an utility model and the ready availability of high bandwidth, it’s a matter of time cloud computing become prevalent. Other than services, more of the experience on our computer will be moved to the cloud. It’s a matter of time our desktops and laptops are replaced. Instead we will be going back to the days of thin client. 

Go give them a spin, and share the experience with the various cloud platforms.



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