TomTom Maps and iOS 6 Maps Are Not In Sync

Everyone should know by now that Apple has ditched Google for their map application. TomTom is now the map provider instead.

Data Provided By TomTom

I have a colleague who uses TomTom and swears by the accuracy and up-to-date maps. There’s a certain road near our office that he takes for reference to determine if the maps are actually current. Take a look at the images below.

The first image is an updated TomTom map. 

Up To Date TomTom Map

Now look at the second image taken from iOS 6.

Outdate iOS 6 Map

See the difference? In the TomTom map, Tai Seng Avenue is joined to Kim Chuan. And the road has been joined for more than 1 year. The segment that joins the 2 road is missing. In fact, there are 2 other roads missing if you compare the 2 screenshots.

For interest sake, the next map is from the original Google map.

Outdate Google Map

The map is outdated as well. Kim Chuan Road and Tai Seng Avenue is still not linked, but it has Tai Seng Link and Tai Seng Street, the 2 roads that are missing from the iOS 6 maps. Uh oh?! Even Google Maps is more current here. What’s going on?

We do not know what’s the arrangement between TomTom and Apple and whether TomTom is obligated to provide the most updated map. And to be fair, iOS 6 is still in beta. Let’s give it some time. Hopefully when the official iOS 6 is out, the Apple Maps are updated.

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