Why I Love My Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

I got a Dyson vacuum cleaner a couple of months back and I have been using it diligently. Reason? Look at the fine dust it’s picking up. I totally freaked out the first time I vacuumed my place with the Dyson. I have a 2 year old at home so I need to make sure the floor is clean, especially for fine dust because these fine dust can cause respiratory problems.

Fine Dust Sucked Up With My Dyson

Using conventional bag-type vacuum cleaner, I have never seen the extent of the dirt accumulated. And I’m pretty sure the conventional vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up so much fine dust. Why? Each time we mop the floor after using the conventional vacuum cleaner, the water that we rinse the mop with is very dirty. With the Dyson, the water doesn’t get so filthy. Proves that the Dyson vacuum cleaner is doing it’s job well.

My next vacuum cleaner’s definitely going to be a Dyson as well. Albeit that it’s more expensive than the conventional vacuum cleaner, I  still think that it’s worth very cent of it.

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  1. DC23. Got it at heavy discount from Carrefour because it’s end of life product. But it comes with 5 yr warranty.

    Anyway, took me quite a while to figure out who you are. Haha.

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